I’m Kris Rudravarjula (pronounced as Rudravajhula)!  This site is all about learning and sharing the knowledge. 



Why Investing?  My parents worked in government job when there are pensions available. Now, after 40 years hard work and hardly have any other choice, they are enjoying the benefits. 

We are not that fortunate! Governments realized long back and started removing the pension plans. It is now called Provident Fund or 401K depending where you live. But the underlying concept is – you must save for your retirement. 

I believe you need to do ONE thing only. Learn how to manage your money. There are lot of traps set for you to over come.  

It is your responsibility  to invest and grow your hard earned money into a TREE so that it will give back the fruits when you are ready to retire. 

Some choose to let the money managed by 401K. Other’s start small, learn how to invest and master their ultimate task – managing your own money.  This section about my journey of learning how to manage my own money.  I have a 13 years to go! Yup, I want to retire by 2030! 


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