How to create a subscription page

Most of the sites you visit today will have a news letter subscription today. Sometimes it will be annoying but most of the times it will be useful to both business owners and the people visiting those sites as well. It is a pure Win-Win.

Why we need to collect the contact information from the visitors?

In good old day, well even today, we have a guest log book in most of the hotels, flower shows and photo exhibitions. The log book gives us the information about what the visitor liked/dislike and it also give us a way to get in touch with him later if we have a promotion or wanting to make a sale.

The subscription is also accomplish the same purpose and much more. Apart from converting the visitor to a customer, you also get provide very individual solution to the visitor. Once in while get in touch with the visitor/client to provide useful content to.

What you want to do with the emails you collected?

Share some free information once in while. If I put my security professional had aside for a minuter, knowledge and information is all about sharing.

Let us think about a learned person sitting alone in a jungle, how useful his knowledge would be?  Utterly useless!! Again at the same time I do understand that you need to make your living from your knowledge. However for the we don’t need to trick any one. For example if you know how to build a house and some one need to build a house, you exchange your knowledge and skill in order to make your living in a reasonable means.  That is fair and a Win-Win. if you are greedy and demand a fortune to do the same work you will loose the trust of the person pretty soon. You can never make the living again as it repeats with every visitor of your site.


For every business it is important to have a subscription page. This way you will be able to get in touch with your clients/subscribes all the time. This is best helpful specially when you have a new product that you are ready to launch.

How to create a subscription page?

There are several service that you can you can use to setup such subscription pages on your blog. I tried various free ways and one way that I felt simpler is emailsubscriber plugin in wordpress.

Here is an example how it looks:


With this you can collect the user name and email id. `

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