How to install Word Press Plugin

The plugins are going to make your life easy If you are blogging using a word press. There are 100s of plugins for simple task such as email subscriber to a complex SEO suggestion for your blog. These plug-in add widgets or functionality that much needed by any blogger.

Step 1: Login

Log in to admin console of your word press blog.

Type in the url “”. Use your admin userid/pwd to login to the blog. Once successfully logged in you will be landed on the dashboard which looks like


Step 2: Plugin Menu

Click on  plugin on the left navigation. This will display the plug-in list page containing all the plugin that were installed on you word press site.


Step 3: Add plugin

Cling on “Add New”. This will take you to another screen with has list of featured plugins.


Step 4: Search

You can add filters to find on plugin name or the author etc. Find the right word press plugin.


Step 5: Install word press plugin

Once you select the word press plugin you click on install. You will see the below screen once the plugin successfully installed.

blog_network activate

Step 6:  Activate the plugin

Click on the “Activate” in the above screen Or you can activate it from the dashboard -> plugins  menu on the left navigation.


Note: If you have multiple sites installed. Then I suggest not to “network activate”. Go to the individual sites and “activate” the plugin. This helps configuring the individual blogs separately.